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Asset Based Services

Electric Blue partners up with owners and developers of solar parks, wind farms and batteries, marketing their electricity and handling the balancing (“Direktvermarktung”).

We maximise the value of our clients´ portfolio by leveraging the strength of AI and manage the risk by optimising, dispatching, hedging and sourcing for assets and sales positions.

We optimise third party batteries and offer flexibility services to industrial consumers in Germany.

End-to-end Portfoliomanagment 

✓ Loadprofile-structuring

✓ Longterm-hedging

✓ Best execution policy

Directmarketing of Solarpower on the EPEX

✓ 24/7 market access

✓ AI-optimised order placement

✓ Flexible contractial framework

AI-Optimised Battery Earnings

✓ Hardware to Market

✓ Smart energy management system

✓ Optional fixprice PPAs

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