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Fusing AI with 
Energy Market

 ✓  Portfoliomanagement
 ✓  Direct Marketing
 ✓  Battery Optimisation

With challenging climate conditions and in increasingly complex energy markets, Electric Blue works to maximise value and mitigate risks for our customers. We optimise the revenues of the assets (batteries, solar parks and wind farms) of our clients with our AI based algorithms.



Team of Industry Veteranes
and AI Experts

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Welcome to the Electric Blue Team – a dynamic group of experts devoted to advancing solar energy solutions. Meet our passionate professionals driving innovation for a cleaner, sustainable future. Explore our collective commitment to transforming the world through solar power.

Customer Value Proposition

Price Competative and Flexible Offers

✓ price maximisation

✓ fix price offer


✓ AI-optimised

Customised, Digital and Transparent

✓ personalised Customerservice

✓ cloudbased customer portal with live production figures

✓ fully digitally integrated processes

Easy Technical Onboarding

✓ one API

✓ automised processes

✓ easy integration

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